Whether your backyard is square or rectangular, big or small, we've got the pool to meet your needs and your budget.  Just look at Doughboy's impressive range of round and oval pool sizes.

  Round Pool Sizes Oval Pool Sizes
Doughboy is the only above-ground pool manufacturer that produces virgin vinyl liner material made to the original Doughboy specifications. 
Features include:
• Special virgin vinyl formula for chemical and ultra-violet ray resistance.
• Liners are available in the above popular patterned designs, or in Doughboy's traditional Solid Blue Design.
What's more, our rugged Duraflex Expandable Liners, which allow for an Optional Special-Purpose Deep Swimming Area for Underwater Swimming Only, are available for most pool models. These expandable liners are designed to offer a virtually wrinkle-free liner installation!

With Doughboy, the choice 
is yours!

Doughboy Recreational proudly offers generous warranties on our pool liners. During the first three years of each warranty, the liner is covered 100% against manufacturer defects (the remainder of the warranty period is prorated).

To further protect your pool investment, Doughboy offers an optional, three year Enhanced Liner Warranty to our customers who purchase a Doughboy pool and/or liner. This optional warranty covers the cost of labor, water, and chemicals to replace a liner with a manufacturing defect, per each occurrence, for the three year warranty period. The coverage amount is determined by the warranty you purchase.


Doughboy's Enhanced Liner Warranty is also available to existing Doughboy pool and/or liner owners. Ask your Doughboy Pool Consultant for more details. Doughboy's Enhanced Liner Warranty is only available in the Continental United States and Canada.