Inground Pools

Consider a Doughboy: The Affordable Alternative

With a Doughboy pool, you’ll discover a healthy, fun-filled way to spend time together with family and friends, all in the convenience of your own backyard. Your investment in a Doughboy will truly be a source of pride and value for years to come. C’mon, it’s time to enjoy the finest in backyard fun and recreation, compliments of Doughboy “the world’s leading manufacturer of above-ground swimming pools”…

Standard Recess

In this installation, the pool top rails remain exposed with the decking installed underneath them. Utilizing our “pour-in-place” retaining system, backfill material is pre-mixed and poured into the excavation cavity which surrounds the completed pool. The mix is then hydrated into a slurry which hardens to form a retaining wall around the entire pool. This method is approved by Doughboy and will not effect the manufacturers warranty.

Full Recess

This unique installation is for those who truly want that “in-ground” look. Similar to our standard recess, the full recess process takes advantage of our “pour-in-place” retaining system. Full recess pools include Trex Transends or redwood fastened to the pool top rail along with an inner fascia trim, pressure treated fir framework around the pool to support Trex boards, a pour in place catch basin around the pool skimmer, and a 4″ drain pipe to discharge at an existing drain way. *This method may require the pool to be elevated so that the pool deck is a step above the existing grade to allow for adequate drainage.