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Time Frame (when would like your pool installed):


Models Available (In-Ground Pools must use "Palm Shore" Model):

STEEL Copper Canyon 48" & 52" Palm Shore 52" Summerville 48" & 52" Silver Lake 52"  
RESIN Autumn Breeze 52" Desert Spring 52" & 54" Sapphire 52" Saratoga 52" Tuscany 52"
Pool Equipment:

 Premium Standard Grade Pump & Filter

* Standard Recess and Full Recess pools should have Premium Equipment with "Self Priming" capability.
**Electrical connection to pool equipment must be quoted by a licensed Electrical Contractor (Not Included).

Pool Size:

 8' (round) 12' (round) 16' (round) 18' (round) 21' (round) 24' (round) 28' (round) 32' (round) 12 X 20 (oval) 12 X 24 (oval) 12 X 28 (oval) 12 X 32 (oval) 12 X 44 (oval) 16 X 24 (oval) 16 X 28 (oval) 16 X 32 (oval) 16 X 40 (oval) 18 X 34 (oval) 18 X 38 (oval) 21 X 41 (oval)

ROUNDS: 8, 12, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32 (Pools are by Ft. by diameter).
OVALS: 12 X 20, 12 X 24, 12 X 28, 12 X 32, 12 X 44, 16 X 24, 16 X 28, 16 X 32, 16 X 40, 18 X 34, 18 X 38, 21 X 41.

Liner Requested (Pools with Deep-Ends or Deep Centers must use 25 mil Exp.):

 2O MIL UD - Uniform Depth - Solid Blue 2O MIL UD - Uniform Depth - Harmony 2O MIL UD - Uniform Depth - Misty Falls 20 MIL EXPANDABLE - Solid Blue 20 MIL EXPANDABLE - Misty Falls 20 MIL EXPANDABLE - Blue Bayou 25 MIL EXPANDABLE - Solid Blue (RECOMMENDED) 25 MIL EXPANDABLE - Seastone (RECOMMENDED) 25 MIL EXPANDABLE - Crystal Creek (RECOMMENDED)

Type of Installation:

 Above Ground Semi In-Ground Standard Recess Full Recess

*Standard Recess is In-Ground with exposed pool top rails. Full Recess is Flush In-Ground w/ Trex Transcends coping).
**The FULL RECESS option may not be an option available for some yards unless the concrete decking is elevated.

Pool Bottom (Flat Bottom, Deep-end, Sport Bottom, Entire Deep, Deep Center):

 Flat Bottom Deep-end Sport Bottom Entire Deep Deep Center

*Standard Deep-end is for ovals with 1/3 shallow w/ ramp to deep area, Sport Bottom is for ovals where deep area is in
center for Volley Ball Accessory, Entire Deep is same deep area throughout entire pool (except 30" from sidewall), and
Deep Center is for Round Pools. Larger Round Pools may have Shallow area at one end with ramp down to desired depth).
12' wide oval pools may have a deep end up to 6' deep, wider ovals can go to 7' deep. Round pools up to 16' can have
a Deep Center up to 6' deep and larger Round pools can go to 7' deep.

Comments on Pool Bottom:

Existing Property Conditions at Pool Site (Check all that apply):

 Level Site Level But Uneven Slight Sloping Yard Sloped Yard Hillside Grass Concrete Patio Concrete Sidewalk Pavers Dirt Only Small Trees Large Trees Stump(S) Shrubs Rock Asphalt Existing Pool Gohpers/Moles/Squirrels

Other (Please Explain):

Access to Pool Site:

 Standard Gate Only Gate And Short Fence Section 8' Fence Section Can Be Removed Driveway Access To Pool Open Site - No Fencing Obstacles

Other (Please Explain):

Construction Questions

Dirt Disposal:

 All Dirt To Be Hauled Away Some Dirt Hauled Dirt To Stay Near Pool Dirt To Stay (Over 200' From Pool)

Other (Please Explain):

Type of Decking:

 Natural-Broom Finish Concrete Stamped Colored Concrete Redwood Composite Decking (Trex) Pavers / Flagstone / Slate Grass / Landscape Only

*Natural-Broom Concrete is the least expensive option followed by Colored Concrete, Stamped Colored Concrete, Pavers, flagstone, Slate, Redwood, and Composite.

Pool Heating:

 Propane / Gas Heater Heat Pump Solar Heating (Roof) Solar Heating (On Ground)

Pool Cover:

 Solar Blanket Only Solar Blanket With Reel Manual Safety Cover Automatic Safety Cover

*Manual & Automatic Cover Systems are the most expensive options are generally run between $6,000 - $12,000.

Pool Light:

 White Pool Light Color-Changing Led Pool Light None Desired

*12 volt lighting systems are availablle for all pool and spa applications. Electrcial connection to light not Included.

Entry System:

 Stainless Steel Deck Mount Ladder The Step (Resin Insert) Doughboy Built-In None Desired

*Stainless Steel are the least expensive option followed by The Step and Doughboy Built-in.

Water Features:

 Slide Pre-Plumb Waterfall Pre-Plumb Fountain Pre-Plumb Automatic Pool Sweep Pre-Plumb

*There are many options on slides, waterfalls, fountains, and pool sweeps. The (ABOVE) is for "Pre-Plumbing" only.
**The Poolyard & Spa Outlet can assist you with the selection which would be serve your type of pool installation.

Additional Requests:


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