3 Kids in PoolThe Poolyard & Spa Outlet opened it’s doors in January of 1999 at the current location of 423 S. Bascom Ave. in San Jose, California.  Owner Dan Roth started installing Doughboy pools through Kiddie World in 1974, a family owned toy business located on Stevens Creek Blvd. and San Thomas Expressway in San Jose.  In the late 1980s, Dan developed a process that safely allowed Doughboy Pools to be installed In-ground by using a sand-cement slurry backfill system.  The benefit of this process provided  less expensive decking by using concrete  instead of costly redwood and composite materials.  Today, there are a  variety of In-Ground installations that the Poolyard offers including the “Standard Recess” where the pool is installed at ground level except for the pool top rails which remain exposed, and the “Full Recess” where the concrete decking is poured above the pool and capped with Trex Transcends Coping to give that real in-ground look.

Why Choose a Recessed Doughboy Pool over Gunite or Concrete?  Doughboy Pool liners carry up to a 30 year warranty and are made of 100% virgin vinyl.  The feel of vinyl is more comfortable than abrasive plaster pool surfaces which tend to irritate skin.  Maintenance of Gunite and Concrete pools require periodic acid bathes and re-plastering which is very expensive.  Doughboy Pools are “Earthquake Friendly” and are durable, long-lasting, and can be replaced easily if necessary.  Doughboy liners are available in a variety of prints and colors and produce a sparkle that dances with shimmering beauty.